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The Screening Room

1) Hover the cursor over the category you wish to view
2) Click on the blue triangle to open the selection's details
3) If necessary, use the BLUE scroll tab on the right side
    of the window to scroll down the list of available videos
4) Click to Play to begin playback

To view the video use this link to download and install the Adobe Flash Player.

Guess what? You must install the latest version of FLASH using these simple steps:

1) Click on the "Get ADOBE Flash Player" icon below

2) When the Flash page opens, "Select version to download" from the drop-down menu

3) Select "Agree and install now". You will be asked to quit all open browsers so the Flash plug-in can be installed

4) When the installation is done, you can re-open your brower and view the videos

Thank you!

Get Adobe Flash player