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Webcasts & webinars done well aren't easy. They drain staff time, put extra load on high value personnel, and sometimes don't meet your expectations.

Make the most of your program to get both live interaction and a quality recording for on demand viewers. You need a webcast host with a broadcast skillset.

Rick Johnson brings 20 years of webcast experience, plus another 20 years of broadcast TV, to provides the services you need, right when you need them.

You need a webcast host!

Here’s what I provide:

• It starts with organizing the workflow and driving the timeline to collaborate with content producers (presenters) to make an engaging live program.

• Lead coordination of content, viewer engagement, email promotion, presenter preparation and day of show direction for webcast presentations.

• We use whichever conferencing system you've licensed - Blue Jeans, Webex, Adobe Connect, ON24Elite, GoToMeeting, and others.

• Drive (gently) the production of all presentation elements - assist and prepare the SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) who are Presenters.

• Consult with the presenter on the PowerPoint deck, and incorporation of video or live demo or screenshare.

• Rehearsal for time and content delivery.

• Creation of program graphic assets and templates, and optional graphical or video segments.

• Collaborate with SMEs to create viewer questions to be seeded among live viewers to clarify and emphasize message

• Day of Show -

- Setup and operate the Webcast host interface

- Ensure presenters are online and have clear audio.

- Greet viewer arrivals and assist with connections.

- Open the program and intro the presente

- Moderate questions as viewers submit them.

- Conclude the program and wrap the live webcast.

- Prepare the recorded program for on-demand playback.

- Provide links for promotional communications.

Some guidelines for making an interactive, impactful webcast :

1) Have absolute clarity about who the target audience is, and what makes this message important for them.

2) It is critical that Presenters’ presentations are paced to fit within the time allotted. A rehearsal assures that timing and technical problems get worked out in advance.

3) Typically, the on-demand audience is hundreds to thousands of times more than the live audience.|

4) While a live audience is important for Q&A interaction, clients find their ROI is greatest with on-demand, because the on-demand viewership has a long tail.

Could an experienced webcast host improve your webcasts?



A producer and director with national syndication and major market TV experience in creating award winning TV, docs, and online films.

Webcast clients are mid to enterprise sized businesses who need field communication, training and promotional videos. Many NGOs often bring in webcasting expertise to produce important events, and to archive replays on demand.