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You're planning a big conference
and you want to webcast it...

Conference Production

You've raised funding for a substantial budget ...
You'll present excellent speakers and panelists for
attendees who will go home and tell everyone about it...
and in several days it will be all over.

Not necessarily.

When you produce play-on-demand videos for your conference website, the conference can live on and deliver to tens of thousands of viewers. Give your underwriters a huge return on their investment by making your conference available online.

Imagine someone being able to sit in their living room or study and watching videos of all of the keynotes and panel discussions whenever they want, on-demand.

Imagine showing these videos after the conference to group and classes, and discussing them in community settings.

Imagine your attendees being able to return to the conference and select presentations they want to hear again, or review how-to panel discussions to take notes or share them with a friend or colleague.

Now, stop imagining. The standard today for conferences where critical issues are discussed and plans of action are formed is to create a post-conference web site featuring broadcast TV quality videos of the presentations, discussion boards for each area of content, easy access to collateral materials from the presenters (which saves on printing) and links to all the presenters, affiliated organizations, and resources. Visitors will also be able to order DVD sets of the videos.

If the conference is worth the effort and money to present to live attendees, it certainly is worth presenting to tens of thousands more online. Viral marketing – people spreading the word by emails, post-conference press, and links from affiliated environmental sites – will drive traffic to watch the conference on-demand.

Why produce conference videos for on-demand viewing?

  • You will reach 70,000 to 100,000 viewers over the course of a year – up to 20,000% more than the people who will attend the conference.

  • The conference will reach all generations, expecially the 18-49 age group.

  • It is good stewardship of the conference investment, extending the life and vitality of the conference beyond several days by making it inclusive of people who can’t come.

  • Videos are much more engaging compared to audio recordings of speeches and panels. They allow a small group to experience the conference wherever they are, to learn together, and to develop their action plan based on what they learn.

  • You can reach the 85% of Web users under 50 who already watch video on the Web at least once each week.

  • Videos can be watched anywhere on a desktop, laptop, in the living room with a digital TV with Internet connection (to be coming soon) or downloaded as a video podcast file which can be archived for later viewing.
  • Live Online Telecasts vs. Production for On-Demand Viewing

    If your event is highly promotable, you may want to produce it as a live webcast. However the cost to produce it live is very high compared with shooting it for on-demand posting on your website and sales of DVDs.

    The reality today is that unless there is a compelling reason to watch something live, most viewers would rather watch on-demand at their own convenience.

    By producing for on-demand you eliminate expense of mobile control rooms, larger crews, high speed datalinks, encoding computers, and streaming providers. And there are fewer things that can go wrong.

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    Production for an on-demand website is done by shooting each presentation with two or three cameras, After the conference the videos are edited and added to your conference website.

    Find out how we can keep your conference
    "in session" with an online video website.

    When the conference is over,
    don't leave your investment behind...

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